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Plaster wall staining with acrylics and dry powders
The initial colors for the rocks were
done with 4 acrylic craft paints:
Dolphin grey
Steel Grey
Butter Pecan
Brown Oxide
Step 2
I don't seal my plaster castings, I never have. I like the way a light stain soaks in
and builds up color gradually. Mix up a light wash of Dolphin Grey 10-15% paint
to water. Begin applying the wash to your casting The first coat should almost be
hard to see. You want to build up the color gradually. Apply a second and third
coat if needed, you only want a light grey coat. Let dry a couple hours.
Step 3
When casting is dry mix up a little
stronger stain of the darker Steel
over about 1/4 of the stones
again building up your color
slowly. Be sure to avoid any
"checkerboard" pattern. Let dry
Step 4
Brown Oxide or similar colors.
Yellow ocher is also good. Mix
medium stains about 30%. Add
color as you did with the darker
grey, but not as many stones say
about 10% of them. Let dry.
Step 5
Now we want to highlight the cracks and spaces between the stones. I use a stain Called
Silverwood from Builders in Scale. You can also India ink and alcohol. This should be
fairly dark.
You only want the wash to flow between and around the stones. Try to avoid getting any
on the stone faces. Some will, and thats OK but you want to minimize it to keep the
moving around until its flowed to all the cracks and spaces.
Step 6
Next I bring out my Bragdons powders. You can also use pastel chalks too. This will add
a little weathering and age to the stonework. Here you can simulate stains from paint and
colors, the Bragdons seem to stick well. Chalks may need an alcohol wash to seal.
structure kit, The Stone Furniture Factory!
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