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Whats New for August!
The Kissatchie Cypress logging outfit was a run-down small logging
outfit in the South. They always seemed to be a "day late and a dollar
Most of the equipment was shop built and often in need of some sort
of repair.
Up for sale is one of the lines Logging cars for your logging outfit.
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The On30 Kissatche Swamp Logging Car!
Note to All...
Morgan Hill Models has grown steadily over the past 15 years with frequent
new offerings. I have attempted to keep as many of these kits available for
ordering throughout the year but it has become a difficult task to manage.  
In an effort to better serve you, I have decided to limit the availability of our
kits to just a select few kits each month. This will include new kit and from
time to time include a run of some prior offerings. Some kits may carry over
as long as molds are good parts are available. We will still continue to have
our occasional $5 Fridays for our small detail kits.
We look forward to getting back to serving you better. Thank You!
Caspia Pine Tree Kits!

Kit has enough material to make two 12"
tall trees!

The Dried flower material Caspia has
always been a prefered material for
realistic tree branches.

Easy to make!

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O/On30 Short Pile
trestle Kit
Easy to build!
All parts pre-cut!

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